People Like Us

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Reworking Daphne Oram, 2008

  1. Daphne Speaks - 0:48
  2. Inuit Song - 6:03
  3. Bird In A Teacup - 6:21
  4. Everybody's Calling - 2:15
  5. Reggae Lady - 3:04
  6. Daphne Waltz - 4:22


In January 2005, Sonic Arts Network, the leading UK body for electronic music and sound art, was asked by Daphne’s descendants to care for her collected papers, recordings and other items. It was with the benefit of experimental electronic music practice in mind that Goldsmiths Electronic Music Studio (EMS) collaborated with the Sonic Arts Network (SAN) to bring this collection into the academic community where it could be properly studied and developed. To this end, a grant was awarded to Goldsmiths, University of London in 2007 by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, to catalogue the collection, digitise the audio tapes and initiate related research.

In June 2008 People Like Us were invited into the archives of electronic music pioneer Daphne Oram, to rework them into new compositions, to be presented as part of a day-long symposium at London's Southbank. Here are the results.