People Like Us

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Hate People Like Us
(2CD - Remixes of PLU on Staalplaat) - 1999

A01. PLU - The First Record
A02. Negativland - What's Music?
A03. PLU - People Like Modern Clothing
A04. Farmers Manual - Allinone.Remix
A05. PLU - Next Record
A06. Cyclobe - I Believe In Mirrorballs
A07. PLU - Far Out Listening
A08. Bruce Gilbert - Untitled
A09. PLU - Next Record
A10. Dummy Run - Esoplas & Liflewit
A11. PLU - Uh Dear
A12. Req 1 - Untitled
A13. PLU - Handjob
A14. V/Vm - You Want Some More?
A15. PLU - Ready To Fly?
A16. Sniper - Untitled
A17. PLU - Mmm Perfect
A18. Christoph Heemann - Ursula Fährt Ski
A19. PLU - What A Melody
A20. Death in June - Lycra Rally Remixes
A21. PLU - Pure Seduction
A22. Barbed - Barbed 4 People Like Us (Jesus F Christ)
A23. PLU - Move It Baby
A24. PLU - I Am Very Happy
A25. Mr Rotorvator - Barry Bonker
A26. PLU - Last Record
A27. Stock, Hausen & Walkman - Keep Going Wee Wee
A28. PLU - One Final Word
B01. Coil - An Apology
B02. Felix Kubin - Broken Lady Symphony part 1
B03. Felix Kubin - Broken Lady Symphony part 2
B04. Felix Kubin - Broken Lady Symphony part 3
B05. Felix Kubin - Broken Lady Symphony part 4
B06. PLU - Good Joke
B07. Xper. Xr. - Stuff Happens
B08. PLU - Tune It Up
B09. Dummy Run - People Like Us Like People Like Us
B10. PLU - Hello Reg
B11. Venoz [TKS] - The Thawes
B12. PLU - Camel
B13. Rehberg & Bauer - Nicolo
B14. PLU - Technology
B15. Katy Brown - Lewes Is A Long Way
B16. PLU - Stewed Prunes
B17. Boyd Rice - Period Piece
B18. PLU - A Little Drink
B19. Dr P Li Khan - Untitled
B20. PLU - Yodelcuckoo
B21. Sons Of Silence - Cockahoop
B23. Mika Vainio - Untitled
B24. PLU - People Like Us
B25. Coil - The Gimp / Sometimes
B26. PLU - Drive Carefully


A single version of this CD was released on Soleilmoon Recordings at the same time.