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DO or DIY (WFMU, 2004)
Originally released as a WFMU Fundraising Premium, 2004

1. Track 1

Ernst Jandl - Talk
(also) Elisabeth Claire Prophet And The Sounds Of The American Doomsday Cults - Call For Protection
(squashing) Terry Wallace - Jesus Christ Superstar
(and a nice layer of) The Swingle Singers - Mozart Sonata No. 15
(and erm) Paul Dutton - Shut My Mouth
Mr Rotorvator - More Whiskey
(more of) The Nihilist Spasm Band - It's Not My Fault
(plus) John Zorn and Yamatsuka Eye - Eep Man (and someone's dog growling)
French jingle (who knows what they say)

2. Track 2

Nurse With Wound - You Walrus Hurt The One You Love
(with) Spike Jones - You Always Hurt The One You Love

3. Track 3

The Crystals - No One Ever Tells You
(with) Runzelstirn And Gurgelstock - Mama (yeahhh...)
(plus) John Zorn With Yamatsuka Eye - Eep Man

4. Track 4

Carl Stalling - Flea Ridden Sheep Dog
(with) Screw - 90210 Time In The Port-A-Loo
? - Port-A-Loo Accompaniment

5. Track 5

Dutch Medley

6. Track 6

(with) Demetrio Stratos - O Tzitziras O Mitziras
(and) Erik Satin - Magnifique (I'm Going Out Of My Head)
Wing - We've Only Just Begun
(back to) Erik Satin
(and Demetrio Stratos)
Oleg Kostrow - Mole-Narciss

7. Track 7

Rank Sinatra - Take On Me
None - Take On Me
Osymyso - Intro - Expansion 01
Lego - Next Level
(and) Otomo Yoshihide - Be-bop
(plus) Yoko Ono - Fly
(also) Finny G. - The Message

8. Track 8

Nelson Riddle - Lolita Ya-Ya
(with) Marie Burke - The Shadow Waltz
(and) Bing Crosby And Jimmie Grier - The Shadow Waltz

9. Track 9

Percy Thrillington - Uncle Albert
(and) Ella Fitzgerald - I'll Never Be Free
Paul Giovanni - The Wicker Man (Main Title)
Go Home Productions - Karma In The Life
Paul McCartney & Wings - Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
Nelson Riddle - Lolita Ya Ya
(with) Marie Burke - Shadow Waltz
(and) Sean Landers - The Man Within
(plus) Ella Fitzgerald - Love Me
Hiroshi Miyagawa - ?????4???
Unknown - Twa 'n' Twa (The Cuckoo's Nest)
(plus) Runzelstirn + Gurgelstock - Morx Und Kotschlag
(and some more) HiroshiMiyagawa - ?????4???

10. Track 10

Tangerine Awkestra - Minuet For Recorder And Violin
(with) Bert Kaempfert - Whispering
Paul Dutton - M's 'n' M's 2
(and) Paul Dutton - Flutterburst
(with) Judy Dunaway - Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime
(and) Jack Goldstein - The Weep