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Chamber Music 1955-64
  1. Solo with Accompaniment (1964)
  2. Three Rhythmic Pieces for Trumpet and Piano (1955) - Movement I
  3. Movement II
  4. Movement III
  5. Autumn '60 (1960) Version I
  6. Material (1964) Version II
  7. Second String Trio (1955)
  8. Piece for Guitar (for Stella) (1961)
  9. Material (1964) Version I
  10. Memories of You (1964)
  11. Autumn '60 (1960) Version II
  12. Octet '61 (for Jasper Johns) (1961)

""Chamber Music 1955-64"

Performed by Apartment House: Gordon MacKay (violin), Bridget Carey (viola), Anton Lukoszevieze (cello/conductor), Alan Thomas (guitar), Rhodri Davies (harp), Marco Blaauw (trumpet), Andrew Sparling (clarinet), Sarah Walker (piano/prepared piano), Dave Smith (melodica/prepared piano), Tania Chen (piano), Robert Coleridge (organ), Michael Parsons (conductor/electronic keyboard), Simon Allen (vibraphone/marimba)

recorded at Gateway Studio, Kingston-Upon-Thames, England on the 6th January and 7th April 2001

recording engineer Steve Lowe