Nick Zedd 1959-2002
Police State (1987)
Nick Zedd, king of the underground, co-creator of cinema of transgression, at his finest. The epic Police State, a movie that’s still as entertaining, captivating and important today as it was back in 87 when Zedd made it. It’s quite possibly the ultimate anti-cop flick as Zedd mixes dark satire, political commentary and a Kafkaesque nihilism inspired by his personal encounters with the long arm of the law.

Kid (Zedd) is walking down the street minding his own business when a police officer stops him and accuses him of being a junkie. When Nick responds, he’s nicked and taken down to the station for further abuse and torture as the police officers try to make him admit to something that he knows nothing of… They take turns in playing mind games and beating the living crap out of him. At some point a man’s just gotta break, and this one goes out with a bang!