Nick Zedd 1959-2002
Geek Maggot Bingo aka The Freak from Suckweasel Mountain (1983)
Author: TheatreX from Louisville, KY

Hey now, let me first say that this (to me, anyway) wasn't as terrible as I'd heard/read, it would all depend on what one likes and how much value they place on slick movie making and professional sets, because there's none of that here. First comes an introduction by Zacherle, who invites you to strap on your drool cup ("I've got mine") and it's a little Dixie cup with a piece of elastic....and then we're off, and what we have here is mad scientist with vampires and a double decker monster, along with an overly concerned daughter, a hunchbacked assistant who poses as a prostitute to lure in fresh meat, and oodles of other z-grade stuff. The sets are a wonder to behold, mostly either painted or weird, off-kilter stuff like in "Dr. Caligari", if you've ever seen that. Giant cardboard telephones are everywhere, with real cords...? At times this resembles a tinted horror movie from the 20's, which may have been the intent, hard to tell. At any rate, yeah, there's not a lot to recommend to any "serious" movie fan here, but this is weird and imaginative enough for a bad movie fan like myself to take some pleasure in. And how many movies have you ever seen where a vampire is being staked and someone gets their thumb in between the hammer & the stake, oweee! Weird dumb fun, check it out.