Nick Zedd 1959-2002
Elf Panties: The Movie (2001)
i don't know quite how to describe this other than 8 minutes of St. Rev. Jen and her elf panties. she exercises, reads Tolkien, drinks Budweiser and belches, and changes her elf panties several times, all while providing gently eccentric narration that broadens our understanding of the everyday life of a real art star.

Apparently she used to sell her elf panties on the web, Nick Zedd made this short, it ended up as an extra on the Geek Maggot Bingo DVD,

interview at wrote:

Q. Speaking of elfin luck, I hear you sell "gently used" elf panties online. Is that true?

A. I used to, but they weren't really for luck. It was sort of making fun of the web boom back when big Web site companies were exploding and having launch parties that cost a hundred grand to put on. was sort of this run-down Web site; we had a launch party with a 15-minute open bar that served Milwaukee's Best and Pabst. I set an egg timer for 15 minutes and when it went off, we threw everybody out—It was just a ridiculous performance piece masked as a business venture. I think in two years I made about $90. Then the URL expired and was bought out by a porn site. That's what I get for my laziness. I guess any URL with the word "panties" in it is golden.