Jennifer West
Selected Film Excerpts Compilation (2005-2009)
Marinated Film - the roll of 16mm I had in the fridge for over ten years (16MM film negative marinated for several months in: Absinthe & XTC, Pepsi & Pop rocks, Jim Shaw's Urine, Red Wine, Coffee & Detox Tea, Aphrodisiacs)
2005, 9 minutes, 20 seconds
16mm film negative transferred to digital video

Regressive Squirty Sauce Film (16mm film leader squirted and dripped with chocolate sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise & apple juice)
2007, 3 minutes, 36 seconds
16mm film leader transferred to digital video

Nirvana Alchemy Film (16mm black & white film soaked in lithium mineral hot springs, pennyroyal tea, doused in mud, sopped in bleach, cherry antacid and laxatives - jumping by Finn West & Jwest)
2007, 2 minutes, 51 seconds
16mm film transferred to digital video

Rainbow Party on 70MM Film (70mm film leader kissed with lipstick & impressed with teeth marks by Jwest and her former students: Mariah Csepanyi, Maggie Romano & Roxana Eslemiah)
2008, 39 seconds
70mm film leader transferred to digital video

Skinnydipping Carbon Beach Malibu Film – In Front of David Geffen‘s House (16MM color and b&w film neg sprayed with fried pickle juice, painted with Bloody Marys using, celery stalks & ash from the Malibu fires, submerged in the ocean – skinnydipping by Renee Lotenero, Lia Trinka-Browner, Karen Liebowitz & Jwest – lit by the full moon & search lights), 2008, 5 minutes, 8 seconds
16mm film negative transferred to digital video

Skate the Sky Film + Performance Documentation (performed at Tate Modern) 2009

Los Angeles-based artist Jennifer West created a new film live in the gallery by uniting an unlikely mix of ink, film strips and skate-boarding. In this unique event, titled Skate the Sky Film, West built on her previous experiments with everyday materials such as pepper spray or Axe body cologne used to physically manipulate celluloid. West staged a performance in the Turbine Hall for which a team of skate-boarders traversed paint and ink-covered film strips, their wheels scraping into the celluloid and marking their movements in complex and psychedelic patterns. The live event was followed by a screening the next evening of the film created plus a selection of West’s earlier films.
-Curated by Stuart Comer, Film Curator, Tate Modern, London

Skate the Sky Film (35mm film print of clouds in the sky covered with ink, Ho-Ho’s, and Melon juice - filmstrips taped to Tate Turbine Hall ramp and skateboarded over using ollie, kick flip, pop shove-it, acid drop, melon grab, crooked grind, bunny hop, tic tacs, sex change, disco flip - skateboarding performed live for Long Weekend by Thomas Lock, Louis Henderson, Charlotte Brennan, Dion Penman, Sam Griffin, Jak Tonge, Evin Goode and Quantin Paris, clouds shot by Peter West), 2009, 4 minutes, 54 seconds
Live Performance and 35mm film projection (later transferred to digital video)
Commissioned by the Tate Modern, curated by Stuart Comer