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Jennifer West
Emoji Piss Film (2019)
Excerpt from:
Emoji Piss Film (35mm film print soaked and corroded with urine by Andrea Bowers, Symrin Chawla, Micah Espudo, Chris Hanke, Eli Joteva, Jack McGuinn, Peyton Regan, Julian Toca, Vidhi Todi, Bob Viera, Cameron Wells, Ariel West., Fleurette West, Peter West, Jwest), 2018
35mm film transferred to high-definition
2 minutes, 33 seconds

Emoji Piss Film is compiled from Google image search results for emoji. The film, which the artist refers to as a "historical document," was initially shot in 2014, and then placed in large kombucha jars filled with urine collected from artists and friends within her community. The liquid was used to soak and corrode the celluloid, slowly eating away at the film's emulsion. The film was then transferred to digitized HD video.

In a time when human expression is conveyed through character gestures rather than the written language, emoji are intended to illustrate, or in some cases replace, the words we digitally share, whether through text message, email, or tweet. These quick, gestural, and disposable icons exist as a digital index. Through the medium of film, artist Jennifer West sets out to counteract and deconstruct this language.