Lawrence Weiner b. 1942
To And Fro. Fro And To. And To And Fro. And Fro And To. (1972)
1972, 1 min, b&w, sound

""An ashtray is used to demonstrate five different actions related to the work. With the camera static, the video opens with the ashtray in the center of the screen. A hand approaches it from above and slides the object up and down, then back up and back down. A voice states the work, the conditions relevant to the art. Each time an act is completed, the hand lifts off the object, making a separation from the next 'possibility.' The acts (or movements) are identical and mimic the language (e.g. to and fro?) as it is spoken." — Alice Weiner -- EAI

Produced by Leo Castelli Gallery, New York City. Videophotography: Richard Landry.
Performer: Lawrence Weiner. First Presentation: Leo Castelli Gallery, New York City. 1972.

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