Lawrence Weiner b. 1942
There But For (1979)
United States, 1979, 21'14'' (sound, colour).

'There But For' imitates the format of a soap opera. The characters are in a house, playing "daily life". As usual in Lawrence Weiner videos the actors are well known artists: Brita Le Va, Peter Downsbrought, Peter Nadin, Lesley Schiff and Michael H. Shamberg. An annoying couple with a son are welcoming some guests. The woman is complaining about her life and husband while he seems rather disinterested. Their guests are having conversations; a female visitor argues with the female host. From time to tim during the tape the characters are acting out of place: a female is shaving in the bathroom while two man are talking to each other and the host male pees, or the host male pees on the plants of the living room in front of everyone, a woman cleans her ears with a knife. The music was performed live on the set while the play was enacted.