Brickwerks Performance, Sydney (1981)
SPK performance at an abandoned Brickworks, Sydney, 1981.

- Genetic Transmission,
- My Name Is John (a live cut-up dedicated to Uncle Bill),
- Leichenschrei.
- Anti - Oedipus (God is dead, Marx is dead, and I am not feeling too good myself),
- See - Saw Chamber Music,
- Epilept: Convulse.

Performer: Revell, Ne/H/iL, and James Pinker,
Performer, Other [Filmed By, Visuals], Edited By, Producer - Tone Generator
Live mix´╗┐ by Tom Ellard.

... Sydney witnessed one of the most interesting performances in its history at an abandoned Brickworks where SPK played outdoors in a beautiful scene of industrial wreckage while projecting their collection of visuals onto 200ft chimneys.

... The venue SPK chose for its most advanced show to date was not the small punk clubs they had played in thus far, but an abandoned brick factory in Sydney called the Brickworks. Filled with giant kilns, junked automobiles and scrap metals, the band was free to create its own environment. Three months preparation went into the show, obtaining permits from local authorities and hiring scaffolding, while the band worked in bars and university libraries (in addition to their dole).

Tom Ellard of Severed Heads was press ganged into mixing the board that night. The audience of nearly 350 were confronted by a masked, anonymous band wielding hatchets and synthesisers, iron bars and electric guitars, manic screams and overdriven taped Gregorian chants.