Cornelia Sollfrank
I DON'T KNOW (1968/2006)
Duration: 15:21
Conversation between Cornelia Sollfrank and Andy Warhol
SCUM Produtions

In their legendary conversation, the two artists discuss the similarities between their aesthetic strategies of appropriating and reworking found material (images, text, sound) from mass media, pop culture and art. They discover that they share a passion for automated, mechanical or software-based art production and make fun of traditional notions of creativity and originality. Sollfrank demonstrates her ‘ generator’ as tool for the unlimited production of web-based collages, whereby the famous Warhol ‘Flowers’ are one of her favorite motifs. But Sollfrank’s encounter with censorship when using this motif was ultimately the reason for getting in touch with her colleague and to ask his permission to use the flower motif in her work. Unlike the consulted jurists and other experts, Warhol does not see any conceptual, aesthetics or legal problems resulting from the reworking of ‘his’ images. The intense discussion about copyright and intellectual property reveals that Warhol has little use for such concepts.