Shelly Silver b. 1957
Things I Forget to Tell Myself (1989)
Things I Forget to Tell Myself
1989, 2 min, b&w and color, sound

""In Shelly Silver's Things I Forget To Tell Myself, a fragmented textual statement is interspersed with imagery culled from NYC, much of it cropped by the camera operator's outstretched hand. Buildings, windows, signs, pedestrians, cops and doors constitute a continuum of access and obstruction. The sometimes alternating, sometimes simultaneous patterns of disclosure and withholding, recognition and inobservance, are scrutinized to reveal the imprints of psychological processes and cultural codes, while testing boundaries between seeing and reading." Michael Nash, Curator, The Long Beach Museum of Art

directed by
Shelly Silver
Abby Levine, Shelly Silver, Rick Wright
Rick Wright
production & post production
Rebo Studio