Carolee Schneemann (1939-2019)
Infinity Kisses - The Movie (2008)
2008, 9 min, color, sound, HD video

Infinity Kisses - The Movie completes Schneemann's exploration of human and feline sensual communication. It incorporates extracts of the original 124 self-shot 35mm color slide photo sequence, Infinity Kisses, in which the expressive self-determination of the ardent cat was recorded over an eight-year period. Infinity Kisses - The Movie recomposes these images into a video, in which each dissolving frame is split between its full image and a hugely enlarged detail. Cluny 1980 - 1988. Vesper 1990 - 1998. Incorporating "Infinity Kisses," Self-shot 35mm Photo Grid. Edited: Carolee Schneemann, Trevor Shimizu, Rick Silva. Sound: Rick Silva, Carolee Schneemann. EAI

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