The Residents
The Commercial DVD (2004)
The Residents' Commercial Album 25th Anniversary Special Edition DVD along with a re-release of the landmark 1980 album on Compact Disc. In 1980 The Residents created four short films based on Commercial Album songs. Long considered as ground breaking music videos, these films are now part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Commercial Album, the DVD will both compliment and complete the project with an amazing collection of 56 one-minute films based on the original 40 Commercial Album songs. In order to produce this large number of films, in addition to themselves, The Residents have assembled an outstanding group of 42 visual artists from around the world. Working in various forms ranging from animation, live action, and puppetry to drawing, photography and sculpture, the disc is a virtual film festival in miniature. In addition The DVD has an innovative game-like interface that allows viewers to explore a maze in the process of viewing the videos. This complex of rooms contains a unpredictable series of interactive features as it reveals the 56 videos created by The Residents and their all star cast of visual collaborators.

The Residents in UbuWeb Sound