Alix Pearlstein b. 1962
All Day and a Night
All Day and a Night, a term from the Prisoner's Dictionary, means life without parole. The set, an installation by Simon Foreman, physically activates this allusion. An interior white cube bathed in intense bright light is viewed through a square window from an adjacent area. A 70's kitsch picture ambiguously depicting Christ hangs discretely on the back wall of the ancillary space. As such, Foreman's piece suggests a consideration of the relationship between Christianity and modernism. All Day and a Night takes that into account and more broadly considers the relationship between psychology and the search for alternative consciousness, ritual and religion. A group of four people are seen in the interior of the site. Through the window, one acts as a guide while the others appear to be engaged in a therapeutic or psychological experiment. When an additional character enters, the situation segues into what seems like a spiritual initiation rite or ceremony. His departure instigates yet another shift, calling into question the nature of the preceding activities.

Actors: Christen Clifford, Rosi Hayes, Clifford Owens, Steven Rattazzi, Michael Stumm, James Urbaniak
Director, Editor: Alix Pearlstein
Camera: Jay King, Alix Pearlstein
Installation by Simon Foreman: "Cross Town Gaze" Installation of two ultra-clean sheetrock rooms, window, lights and a portrait of Christ. 121" X 96" X 172". 2005.

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