Tony Oursler b. 1957
b0t / flOw - ch@rt (Jason) (2017)
In the exhibition b0t / flOw - ch@rt, robotic glass sculptures with artificial intelligence, miniature flat screens, exposed computer circuitry and a variety of materials figuratively arranged, are shown next to two dimensional screens based on flow charts. The chimerical bots relate to Oursler's ongoing interest in human interaction with technology and questions the intelligence of the AI-systems.

This exhibition depicts an inevitable world in which self-help, new age and motivational programs are fused or transferred to AI systems, forming a low-fi singularity, with unforeseen humorous and disturbing results.

These self-illuminating forms relate as much to the history of robotics as they do to camouflaged cellphone towers, video games and scarecrows. They play with the notion of how artificial intelligence may help us achieve our goals or not. They also question how these intelligences may choose to form physical identity through vestigial artifacts of humanity.

The freestanding bots are juxtaposed with wall mounted flow charts, which combine digitally moving images, painting, and sound. These works are based on schematics depicting motivational and inspirational systems, cognitive behavioral therapy, programing, networking to form a nexus of human desire, folly, and machine logic.

Artificial intelligence, or A.I., brings to light many questions regarding our coevolution with such systems. Most notably, will our creations replace us and become our final undoing? Or will we enter a utopian world of limitless knowledge and achievements? It is the artist’s perspective that in between these two questions, A.I has begun to enter our world in many fascinating and banal ways which are open to speculation.