Gaspar Noé b. 1963
We Fuck Alone (2006)
Riffing off the title of his first feature ('I Stand Alone') - an eloquent cinematic narrative about despair, loneliness and one man’s abandonment to pathologies of societal decay - ‘We Fuck Alone’ is a dark odyssey into violent masturbatory fantasy.

The film opens with the image of a beautiful young woman being rimmed on TV. As we pull back we encounter a young teenager being eaten by a large teddy bear before the narrative settles on a young man masturbating as he watches porn on the TV.

The strobe lighting and deep pulsing soundtrack suggests as it creates something dark and hallucinatory, a strange cinematic space in which desire to continue watching is tapped directly into the brain. As the man grasps for fulfillment, he reaches for a gun and begins to use it on his inflatable sex toy to fuck her in the mouth before both he and the film come to a brutal climax.

Like most of Noé’s film, ‘We Fuck Alone’ suggests an altered state. Provoking a perceptual and visceral reaction to both what is seen and the way it is shown, we are drawn into a solitary self-referential world of simultaneous seduction and repulsion. Here, sex, beauty and violence combine to create a mesmeric and unforgettable landscae entirely on its own.