Mowoso - Postcolonial Dilemna (2009)
From IN/FLUX - Mediatrips from the African World (2011)

An offering from the Democratic Republic of Congo and directed by Mowoso, Postcolonial Dilemma suggests local backlash to colonial exploitation by turning the tables. In a charged, daemonic scene in grainy black and white, ala Kenneth Anger, a dazed white woman with a machete through her skull is lead underground by a group of men. Briefly placed into a small room where she dances naked, she sits next to a man who is either taking blood or juice from two little boys standing next to him, and rubbing both himself and her along the palm and arm. A jittery cut to a plane landing, with our view that of a person sitting in the emergency seat—a final credit calls this film “Track #1: stay tuned.”