Glen McKay b. 1936
Altered States: 1966-1999
Duration: 1 hour

In four movements, the Altered States video starts with vintage rock from Jefferson Airplane, set to McKay's early 60's pulsating sensory overload style. The 70's evolve into a tweaky sound track by Knox Bronson, electronic culture mastermind, with scenes from McKay's world travels in a highly abstracted form. The 80's movement travels into pure geometric and color abstractions, with an uplifting electronic/acoustic soundtrack by Dean Evenson. McKay's 90's movement goes deep into fantastic liquid color landscapes with a dark, electronic music voyage crafted in collaboration with McKay by Greg Jalbert.

Jefferson Airplane
  Plastic Fantastic Lover - RCA BMI 3:47
  Volunteers - RCA BMI 2:40
Knox Bronson
  3 Seconds Before Maia Smiled
Dean Evenson
  From the album Acension 20:14
Greg Jalbert
  Cascades 24:00

V i d e o
  Glenn McKay
Production Manager
  Dennis Keefe
Video Taping,
Editing and Graphics
  George Rosenfeld
Additional Videography
  Dennis Keefe
Additional 60's Film Footage
  Jerry Slick
  Scott Bartlett
Special Thanks
  Robert R. Riley, Curator of Media, S.F. MOMA