Malcolm Le Grice b. 1940
After Lumiere - L'Arroseur Arrose (1974)
Director: Malcolm Le Grice
Year: 1974
Country: UK
Language: English
Length: 12 mins
Format: pal | R0
Colour: Colour
Certificate: E


'Though shot in 1974 before After Manet, its conception post-dated all the preparatory work for that film. It handles in a single screen way a similar area of problematic relying more evidently on speculation by the audience of the 'out of shot' state of affairs, and on the expected development of the work. Like the Manet film, it is based loosely on another work, in this case adding a character who does not feature in the Lumiere film. Both works are concerned with cinematic procedures and with the audience procedure in structuring the material.' MLG