Joachim Koester b. 1962
Pit Music
The title Pit Music refers to music coming from the orchestra pit and to the set-up of the installation, which consists of a stage and a pit. Apart from this, the work is video documentation of a concert in a gallery with a string quartet playing Shostakovich's string quartet No. 8 in C minor. The music continues uninterrupted all through the video, but due to the editing and images in slow and stop motion the music changes between being represented as what could be termed diegetic and non-diegetic - referring to reality vs. fiction, as well as the idea of showing art and causing a response. Pit Music was first filmed and shown at gallery Nicolai Wallner in 1996. Apart from Koester's above-mentioned intentions regarding performativity and documentation, there is another reason we have chosen to re-install this piece. Pit Music is also a micro narrative. Without nostalgia the video portraits a group of people, and evokes an art scene at a specific time in Copenhagen more than a decade ago.