Karl Holmqvist b. 1964
I'm With You In Rockland
The work of Karl Holmqvist (b.1964) revolves around inter-human communication, experiments with language in all its aspects, and texts that he presents in printed as well as sonic form. In his performances and videos both the spoken and written word feature centrally. In his works Holmqvist often refers to other artists and figures extracted from popular culture, in particular to the world of rock and pop, as well as religion and politics. As a contemporary counterpart to Vito Acconci's historically important language based oeuvre that is being shown in parallel, Argos presents Holmqvist's 'I'm with you in Rockland', a video work that is exclusively composed of a black image with white subtitles, where the artist on the soundtrack navigates between extraneous quotes extracted from the media and pop culture. The text-based piece openly refers to Allen Ginsberg's well-known poem 'Howl' from 1955 (in which the third part has the same title) and adds elements from popular culture together in a way that closely relates to slam poetry. 'I'm With You in Rockland' stimulates, asking the viewer to take an active position; depending on the frame of reference of the recipient the words come across as alternately serious, funny, and moving.