Gilbert and George
No Surrender, 8th May 2007
"All the hidden remarks - 'the curiously besuited couple', 'the tedious twosome' - that's all coded language for 'I'd prefer not to have two poofs exhibiting in this gallery'," Gilbert and George declare over tea with Alan Yentob in their favourite East End café.

Their Major Exhibition, at Tate Modern this year, was largely heralded as a must-see. But even though they're the first British artists to have a retrospective at the gallery, Britain's original bad boys of art still see themselves as outsiders. Attacked by the British press they dream of friendly headlines.

""We tell more of what we are in our pictures than any other artist living. They always want to say 'where do you stand?' And what would they like to hear? We love the Labour party, we hate Tony Blair, we hate Bush, we think we should get the troops out, we're vegans, we don't like furs, we're not very good in bed, we read Penguin books, we love dinner parties in Hampstead... What do you say to please them? We never were normal, we were always Normal Weird."

In Gilbert and George: No Surrender, Alan Yentob is invited into the house where the couple have lived for four decades, taken to their hat-makers to collect Gilbert's specially made beaver hat, and is given an intimate view of their relationship with their work.