Jem Finer b. 1955
Landscope (2005)
Duration: 7'18"

The work:

An installation both beside and in Lough Neagh, Northern Ireland, February 2005,

A structure stood in the water – resembling an upside-down pylon, or an arcane fishing rig. Strung across it, a radio telescope picked up electromagnetic interference from storms on the surface of Jupiter. On the shore was a shed, also upside-down, as if somehow it had been dropped there (maybe by a passing tornado). Inside the shed, a camera obscura, the inverted world was projected, the horizon sitting at the apex of the structure, like a globe atop its spinner.

A connection made between the dish of the lough and the bowl of the sky; voices from the lough, a vast, dark non-space in the centre of Northern Ireland, were mixed with signals from space, and the sounds of the wriggling of eels in the water.

The film:

The film was written and narrated by Tom McCarthy for the BBC. It was never shown due to a concern that they had too much conceptual art on that week.

Image of Landscope Notebook