Richard Dailey (b. 1954)
Luna & Ms.Y (2004)
Duration: 112 minutes.

A twisted story of the art-world gone bad.

The film follows Luna, an artist living in Paris fraught with creative block and lost in a repetitive rut of restless sleeping and uninspired artwork.

Unbeknownst to her, an ex-lover and art-school classmate turned internationally renown artist Ms.Y has come to Paris, along with her video camera wielding assistant, to mount a major gallery show of new work.

Ms. Y arrives back in Luna’s life with a Faustian bargain and the two begin a dangerous collaboration that goes horribly wrong and ends only in tears, blood, and carnage.

A deeply odd no-budget slasher film set in the art world of Paris; the film brings a searing critique of the selfish motivations of artist.

Its DIY charms produce a disturbing fever dream from the gutters of Paris and the cruelness of the denizens of the dog eat dog world of art.

Directed by Richard Dailey an American ex-patriot writer and media artist living in Paris, France.

Staring Eugénie Alquezar, Juliette Failevic, and Agnès Roland.

Soundtrack by the kings of 70’s French Punk Rock: Metal Urbain.