Ornette Coleman b. 1955
David, Moffett, and Ornette: The Ornette Coleman Trio (1966), dir. Dick Fonatine)
Realized by Richard "Dick" Fontaine -who is considered to be one of the founding fathers of erotic gay cinema (with such titles as "the days of greek gods") and that years later realized the full length film "Art Blakey : The jazz messenger"-, the film was made in 3 days and offers a portrait of the trio that becomes an "ironic essay in dignity in the face of insanity". Ornette, who in this era was one of the leaders of the jazz avant-garde movement, faced the challenge with his two fellow musicians by responding with passionate improvisations to the stimuli that reached him from the screen where the images are projected. (uploader's note : to be more precise, this is the recording session of the soundtrack for the film "who's crazy ?"). A priceless testimony to the innovations which revolutionized the world of jazz in the sixties.