Henri Chomette (1896-1941)
Cinq minutes de cinéma pur (1925)
France, 1925-1926, 6', 35mm

Speeds, forms, surfaces, a film in which the action lies not in representation, but in itself. Chomette describes it as pure or intrinsic cinema. Not images for images sake, but an exposition-juxtaposition of objects and landscapes activated by cinematographic operations (acceleration, double-exposure, printing in negative): "A series of incongruous visions - inconceivable outside the marriage of the camera lens and mobile film", the effect of which is to deny us meaning, representation, the intellectual cinema of reflection. A cinema of physical and visual sensation, precisely that visual emotion of which Germaine Dulac speaks. The cinema as transport. A cinema of the eye and the heart, a cinemotion". (Prosper Hillairet)