Shu Lea Cheang
I.K.U. (2000)
A Japanese sci-fi porn feature. Early in the 21st Century, The Genom Corporation advanced the sexual revolution into the GEN-XXX phase - a virtual human being - known as an I.K.U Coder. The GEN-XXX I.K.U. Coders were superior in their harddrive bodies, and at least equal in insatiability, to the programming engineers who created them. I.K.U Coders were used in the night-world as XXX data hunters, in the orgasmic exploration and sexualization of other couples. After a non-stop sexing journey by a GEN-XXX I.K.U. Coder team in the night-world, Coders were declared fulldata - ready for retrieval. Special data collectors - I.K.U. RUNNER UNITS- had orders to fuck to retrieve, upon detection, any full data I.K.U. Coders. This was not called love, this was called sex.