Shu Lea Cheang
Lea Cheang & Jun Jieh Wang - How History Was Wounded: An Exclusive Report on Taiwanese Media (1990)
An exclusive report from Taiwan by collective member Shu Lea Cheang who investigates how Taiwanese news media covered the Tiananmen Square massacre. The tape compares the media clampdown in mainland China with the Taiwanese government’s suppression of political movements. The news coverage focused on sensationalizing and simplifying the student movement so that it became almost commercialized, as the real meaning behind the historic demonstrations were ignored. Taiwanese journalists served as “Political Prostitutes” for the Chinese government as the news was used to designate the political agenda. The call for democratic reform in the nation’s politics must also be reflected in the media in order to create a more democratic society. Directed and produced by Shu Lea Cheang and Jun Jieh Wang with commentators in silhouette: Guan shin Chen, Shange Zen Lee and Lee Shi Kuo.