Chris & Cosey
Cosey Fanni Tutti - A Study in Scarlet, etc. (1987)
From limited edition VHS hand numbered 13 of 160 (presumably by Cosey herself)

A compilation of 4 COSEY FANNI TUTTI (of COUM / THROBBING GRISTLE / CTI / CHRIS AND COSEY) performance videos (3 live / 1 pre-recorded). Please note these are NOT GIGS these are edited documents of PERFORMANCE ART events.

Description taken from rear of VHS sleeve >

"Expression of oneself and of the hidden voice so seldom heard or heeded is an action of unequal power. Releasing and acknowledging all that you are to yourself allows growth of spirit. Creativity on every level begins with ourselves. Suppression brings us only screaming souls locked within empty lives. I wish for every voice to be heard, even as a whisper …..


This video is composed of three live performances and one commissioned video piece.

DIORAMA 21st August 1983 London

A ritual of transformation and awakening within the walls of the only existing original ‘diorama’ building in London.

SUCH IS LIFE 27th / 29th September 1984 Bloomsbury Theatre London

A celebration of the body and mind. The admission of sexual awakening and freedom. A tribute to Georges Bataille. This performance was part of the ‘Violent Silence’ festival which included readings, films, music and performance from people who work with the same freedom of thought.

OPINIONS 15th August Zap Club Brighton

As always the actions are improvised and feed off the energy and attitude absorbed prior to the event. The video was shot through cling film and a live mix was projected above the stage onto a 6’ screen

PUSSY GOT THE CREAM 6th March 1986 Zap Club Brighton

A video piece specially commissioned for the ‘taboo’ festival. Unfortunately this is the edited version made necessary by the new censorship laws now in force.


Running time approx 60min

Colour with some sections B/W

This video was created using only domestic VHS equipment and therefore should not be compared to conventional commercial recordings.

Camera work by Chris Carter, John Lacey, David Dawson.

Vision Mixing and editing by Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti

VHS Post Production Studio 47 Norfolk

All music composed and performed by Cosey Fanni Tutti and Chris Carter."

This is another rescued rarity from my local carboot where I was utterly astounded to see this video on a grubby stall while dark rain clouds amassed overhead. I grabbed this and every other rare VHS there (all for 50p each) as the rain began to fall. Unfortunately the tapes had been stored somewhere damp (see water damage on the photo on the front sleeve – which is literally a colour photographic print hand glued to the sleeve) Fortunately the prior poor storage conditions had not irreparably damaged them and almost all of the rare tapes including this one were fully recoverable with a bit of care and fiddly effort. The self censorship of the 4th video PUSSY GOT THE CREAM comprises of brief shots of Cosey’s crotch in rubber knickers with a ginger moggy face video mixed over (see screengrabs) substituting (presumably) more explicit PUSSY shots.