Ultimatum agli artisti della Terra (2018)
The video, which explicitly refers to the film "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (1951) by Robert Wise, is made up of long sequences in which the artist Enrico Bugli, a leading exponent of the Neapolitan neo-avant-garde, in a spacesuit stands in front of Martian architectures traced in the metropolitan territory. In the end, in front of Zaha Hadid's spaceship he pronounces his ultimatum to the artists of the Earth, requiring them to practice authentic art and threatening immediate "cancellation" if they do not accept. The video is centered on the idea of the artist as a terrestrial alien and Bugli was chosen to represent this condition precisely because of his declared extraneousness to any art system, which became explicit in the 1960s in the renunciation of the social role of artist with abandonment of the art scene.