Il più grande artista del mondo (2015)
In 1938, the workers of the archaeologist Amedeo Maiuri, during excavations on the summit of the Cumana acropolis, discovered - on the western front of the so-called Temple of Jupiter - some enormous bone fragments. The famous paleontologist Ralph von Koenigswald, already engaged in the research of the gigantopitecus, warned of the discovery, went to the place joining the researchers and bringing to light the finds we have available. Exceptional skeletal remains emerged from the ground and a fraction of a stone slab with traces of rock painting that revealed an unknown symbolic form to which von Koenigswald, an attentive reader of Joyce, gave the name of Chaosmos. And precisely this painted element, immediately associated with the size of the bones of the hand, led the scholar to consider the newly found creature the greatest artist in the world. This is the vintage film shot in the place of the discovery, restored by the Brigataes.