Júlio Bressane (b. 1946)
Viola Chinesa AKA Viola Chinesa - Meu Encontro com o Cinema Brasileiro (1975)
An improvisation of poetic art featuring Bressane conversing with Grande Otelo, the star of Chanchada. It is also a total provocation against Brazilian cinema: "Art is conflict, abnormality, to me cinema is eminently erotic". "Viola Chinesa establishes the rhythm of Bressane's later filmed dialogs (ìwith all the eras in my brain"). The encounter with Grande Otelo (an improvised interview? A deliberated manifesto?), standing in the middle of a bend in the road with a view of the sea, is a spontaneous snapshot of a production error which calls forth considerations which are not systematic, which proceed by association regarding procedure and the process of creation. - Carlos Adriano