Max Bill (1908-1994)
Max Bill: Das absolute Augenmass (2008, documentary), dir. Max Bill: Das absolute Augenmass (2008)
This is a great film about Max Bill, the artist, architect, painter, sculptor--what didn't he do? Unfortunately, I have the film without subtitles and hoping someone here has the film and can extract them. I grabbed this on the net some time ago and came here hoping it was uploaded with subtitles so I could nab them. When I saw the film wasn't here, I thought I'd get it up because everyone should have a little Max Bill in their life.

The film about Max Bill (1908-1994) moves between the dynamic fields of art, aesthetics and politics. Max Bill was probably the most important swiss artist of the 20th century and the most famous student to come out of the legendary Bauhaus in Dessau. He was an ardent anti-fascist and all his avant-garde work as an artist, sculptor, architect and typographer showed a social responsibility and environmental awareness right through his life. His views have become incredibly topical.