Sasha Waltz b. 1963
insideout (2003)
Duration: 70 minutes

Direction, Choreography, Concept : Sasha Waltz
Compistion: Rebecca Saunders
Stage: Thomas Schenk, Sasha Waltz
Light: Martin Hauk
Science, Concept: Karl Stocker
Video: Philip Bussmann

Choreography, Dance: Mikel Aristegui, Jiri Bartovanec, Maria Marta Colusi, Lisa Densem, Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola, Luc Dunberry, Charlotte Engelkes, Nicola Mascia, Michal Mualem, Manuel Alfonso, Perez Torres, Sasa Queliz, Paolo dos Santos, Mata Sekka, Claudia de Serpa Soares, Xuan Shi, Takako Suzuki, Laurie Young, Matan Zamir, Sigal Zouk-Harder

musikfabrik org: Carl Rosma (Klarinette), Marco Blaauw (Trompete), Adrian Pereyra (Gitarre), Adam Ørvad (Akkordeon), Ulrich Löffler (Klavier), Tatjana Koleva (Schlagzeug), Hannah Weirich (Violine), Susanne Zapf (Violine) Dirk Wietheger (Violoncello), Michael Tiepold (Kontrabass)

The realisation of »insideout« was something that Sasha Waltz had long been dreaming of. For ten years she envisioned a piece that, free to circulate as with an art exhibition, the spectator could approach directly and in a personal way. In her first musical work for the stage the composer Rebecca Saunders integrated solos, duets and trios for the ten musicians dispersed over the stage and music generated mechanically into a multi-level composition. Video artist Philip Bussmann contributed a complementary visual layer of meaning with his projections. Sasha Waltz continued her enduring collaboration with set designer Thomas Schenk and lighting designer Martin Hauk. Living sculpture, animated objects, a close intimacy between actors and audience along with the superimposition of simultaneous actions, pictures and sounds distinguish this performance. »insideout« was awarded the OPUS-Prize for Best Stage Design of the Year.