Sasha Waltz b. 1963
Impromptus (2004)
Duration: 75 minutes

For the first time Sasha Waltz develops a dance piece based on the structure of a classical music composition. The music will be performed live on stage together with vocal accompaniment of four ÈSchubert-LiederÇ. The dance like the music create in a subtle way emotional states between weightless floating and being off balance. Sasha Waltz researches in her work the existential questions of the human body with its vulnerability and beauty. Dance at its most riveting, at once unmasking, manipulating, and ultimately exalting in the innumerable aspects that make us human.

The piece has been developed by and with the dancers Maria Marta Colusi, ClŽmentine Deluy, Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola, Luc Dunberry, Michal Mualem, Claudia de Serpa Soares and Xuan Shi.

A production of SchaubŸhne am Lehniner Platz Berlin presented by Sasha Waltz & Guests.
A coproduction with the Teatro Comunale di Ferrara.