Sasha Waltz b. 1963
Dido and Aeneas (2005)
Duration: 70 minutes

In cooperation with 12 dancers of her ensemble, as well as 51 musicians and soloists, Sasha Waltz created the choreographic opera »Dido & Aeneas« by Henry Purcell. The diverse world of emotions of Purcell’s elaborated opera was giving the starting point for her choreographic work. Sasha Waltz is concentrating on the two main characters, the Carthaginian Queen Dido and Aeneas, who escaped from Troy, and their tragic love story, which ends up in the death of Dido.

The two protagonists are sung by the mezzo soprano Aurore Ugolin as Dido and the bariton Reuben Willcox as Aeneas. They are accomponied by Deborah York, Céline Ricci, Fabrice Mantegna, Michael Bennett and Lorenz Eberhard Francesco.