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Yoko Ono
John Lennon

For the music, listen to item 11




1. Let's Go On Flying


On a windy day
Let's go on flying
There may be no trees to rest on
There may be no clouds to ride
But we'll have our wings
And the wind will be with us
That's enough for me
That's enough for me


On a windy day
We went on flying
There was no sea to rest on
There were no hills to glide
We saw an empty bottle rolling down the street
And on a cardboard stand at
The corner of the street
Wrinkled souls piled up like grapefruit

2. Snow Is Falling All The Time


Snow is failing everywhere
Snow is falling all the time
Between a milk bottle and a beer can
Between Empire State Building and
        Trafalgar Square


Snow is falling everywhere
Snow is falling all the time


When you talk to someone
Snow is falling between you and him
When you talk with someone
Go on talking until he's covered with snow


Snow is falling everywhere
Snow is falling all the time
        all the time

3. Mum's Only Looking For Her Hand
In The Snow


Kyoko, don't worry
Don't worry, Kyoko
Mum's only looking for
Her hand in the snow




Sung to the tune of.


Female Voice


No bed for Beatle John
Beatle John Lennon lost
his hospital bed yesterday
-- to a patient!


It happened at Queen Charlotte's
Hospital, London, where John was
keeping vigil in the room where
his girl friend, Yoko Ono, is being
kept under observation.


When he realised his bed was needed
for an urgent case, John sent out
for a sleeping-bag.


And last night he was once more
happily kipped down alongside Yoko
-- in the sleeping bag.


Yoko, who expects a baby next February,
will remain in the hospital for another
few days.
A Beatles spokesman said: "There is a
good chance for the baby's survival.''


The Beatles win battle of the nude LP


The Beatles have won their fight to put
out an LP record with a sleeve showing
John Lennon and Yoko Ono in the nude.


EMI, the world's biggest recording
company, whose artists include the Beatles,
refused to handle the LP called Two Virgins
because of the sleeve. So did the group's
American outlet, Capitol Records.


But the record with its controversial
sleeve will be released in both countries
next month through Polydor and Track Records
in Britain and through a company called
Tetragrammaton Records in America.


Male Voice


Bentley -- but no Beatles


Beatle John Lennon's
psychedelic Bentley purred
into Old Windsor on Thursday
last week. Resplendent with
gold, green, red and blue
patterns, and bearing the
famous "Apple" registration
mark -- 222 APL -- the car was
parked outside Crevald's
Services Ltd., the marine
engineering firm, in Straight Road.


But the car was not being
driven by Lennon. It was sold
six weeks ago by Dandic Fashions,
Wigmore Street, to 34-year-old
Mr. Leo Nutley,a marine engineer
from Hampton Surveying the
exotic 1956 vehicle, he said:
"It's foul, disgusting, horrible."


He went further: "I don't like it."
Mr. Nutley said he intended
respraying the car, but he had
been told that it was worth more
left as it is.


And because of its value, Mr.
Nutley is hoping to sell it in
America. Till then he will just
use it as a business car, and go
around telling people: "It's
foul, disgusting, horrible."


Miss Ono, 34, is named in a
forthcoming defended divorce
suit being brought by Mr.
Lennon's wife, Cynthia.



RADIO PLAY (Lennon) Side B
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John Tavener
Three Songs
for Surrealists
Words by

For the music, listen to item 10

1. For Rene Magritte


How odd the world
Inside my head
My comb is bigger than my head.


The spinach-fed
Are often wrong;
More strength than brain,
But brains are strong.


The room is full,
No place for us;
An apple is
An octopus.

2. For Max Ernst


A nightingale
As big as a house
Swallowed a man
As small as a


Sweet sweet sweet
Cried the nightingale.


Under the feathers
Lost in the dark
The man was frightened
And started to bark:


Bow wow wow
Cried the nightingale.


And the moon looked down
With a chilly stare
At the woods and the bird
Who was barking there:


Hear me now
Cried the nightingale


Why should a man
Inside of a bird
Bark like a dog
Isn't that absurd?


0 not so
Cried the nightingale.

3. For Salvador Dali


We sleep The earth
Shakes, the thunder
Murmurs to us.
We sink deeper
And deeper still
Into a dream.


When I lay down
The world changed. It
Rocked like water
Struck by a stone,
Ripples spreading
To shake my dream.


Nightmares, Sainthoods.
The sky-trellis.
Emblems of love.
Signs of terror.
What is a man
But his own dream?

Logue reads
New Numbers

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1. "This is the final statement"...
2. "A policeman is walking"...
3. "He was a youth from the suburbs"...



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