Milan Knížák (b. 1940)

Broken Music (1983)

  1. 01 Broken Music (28:35)

  2. 02 Broken Music (32:04)

Total time 60:39
K7 in special packaging + inserts, Edition Hundertmark, Cologne. Germany, 1983

Issued by Armin Hundertmark publisher, a Cologne imprint specialized in artist books and multiples (now relocated in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria), who also published a few cassettes by Henri Chopin, Philip Corner, Henry Flynt or Hermann Nitsch. This limited edition of 40 signed copies of Czech artist Milan Knížák. Broken Music is an artist multiple including a melted record, one cassette and various texts in a special 27.1 x 21 cm box. The music comes from damagedLP recordings, with a few ralentandos and speed changes by the artist here and there. The discs used by Knížák are probably similar to the ones pictured above, especially the 4-pieces glued together. The result is different from the monotonous 1979 LP of the same name (unauthorized CD reissue, Ampersand, 2002). This one is varied and Knk is actually playing and composing with the LPs. The primary source of information on Knížák's music is Petr Ferencís 2003 article: Milan Knížák the Musician. -- Continuo

Various Tracks

Milan Knizak - Bossanova Suite (1990)

Recorded at Radio Vienna, Austria, 1990


- 2 records players playing my destroyed music
- 2 taperecorders with tapes of my older pieces
- 2 synthesizers played by myself
- piano & voice also by myself

(Milan Knizak)
From Fluxus Anthology Box, 30th Anniversary

"Broken Music Composition," 1979, (3:26)
From Fluxus Anthology

Presented in collaboration with Continuo