Abbie Hoffman (1936-1989)

Various Tracks

Just Say No 7:12
From Sound Bites From The Counter Culture, 1990

Wake Up America! (1969)

1. Our National Anthem
2. Malachy's Bar and Grill
3. Texas Tweezers
4. The Drug Company
5. Ave Maria Jesus
6. Jerry Rubin
7. Flush for Nixon
8. Chicago
9. Washington at Valley Forge
10. Religion of Sorts Out of Doors
11. God Bless America
12. The Only Dope Worth Shooting

Big Toe Records, 1969

Abbie Hoffman sings on his frinds
The Joint Chiefs of Staff

"I feel like a famous Indian Chief of the Fagowee nations, who led his tribe for 40 years in the desert amidst starvation, hunger, famine, strife, plauge -- finally staggered up to the top of this mountain, drug crazed, loked out and pounded his chest and said, 'Where the f... are we? Where the f... are we?'" sez Abbie.

With special thanks to malachy McCourt, Bob Fass, Alex Bennett; WGSU-FM, Geneseo, N.Y., and KUT-FM, Austin, Texas.

Recorded in Texas, N.Y.., Philadelphia, Canada, and ZBS.

Engineer: Virgil Snakeskin
Artwork: Peter Bramley
Stuck together: Bob Booger
Music: The Joint Chiefs of Staff

Abbie Hoffman in UbuWeb Film