Dan Graham (b. 1942)

Dan Graham & The Static (Audio Arts Supplement, 1979)

1. Dan Graham "Performer / Audience / Mirror" (39:00)

Recorded live at Riverside Studios, London

Installation: A performer faces a seated audience. Behind the performer, covering the entire back wall (which is facing or parallel to the frontal view of the seated audience members) is a mirror.

STAGE 1: The performer faces the audience. he begins continuously describing himself -- his external features -- although looking in the direction of the audience. He does this for about 5 minutes.
STAGE 2: The performer continues to face the audience. He observes and then phenomenologically describes the audience's external appearance for about 5 minutes.
STAGE 3: The performer faces the mirror (his back turned to the audience). He continuously describes himself (as in STAGE 1).
STAGE 4: The performer faces the mirror. He observes and describes the audience (as in STAGE 3).
Further Stages may be any of the first 4 Stages, in any order.

2. The Static (40:25)

Glenn Branca: Guitar
Barbara Ess: Bass
Christine Hahn: Drums
Recorded live at Riverside Studios, London, 24 Feb 1979

3. My Religion: Extract from a work tape: Ann Lee (6:50)


Tracks 1-2
Both recordings are un-edited and were made at Riverside Studios on February 24th 1979.
From: Audio Arts Supplement C-80
Editor: William Furlong

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