Cornelius Cardew (1936-1981)

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    1 Consciously
    2 The Spirit Of Cable Street
    3 We People
    4 Solidarity Song
    5 Bold Fenian Men
    6 Join In The Fight
    7 Take Up The Fight
    8 Himno De Riego
    9 We're Not Afraid
    10 Golden Mountain In Beijing
    11 The Blackleg Miner
    12 Mr. Media Man
    13 Fight The Cuts
    14 The Lords Of Labour
    15 Crippin' Blows
    16 The Worker's Song
    17 Hammer Of The Working Class
    18 People Of St. Pauls, Bristol
    19 In Imperialist Wars
    20 Song For The British Working Class
    21 The Workers Of Ontario
    22 Montreal Textile Worker
    23 The Dream Of The Generation
    24 There You Will Find My Bones
    25 Song Of The Cyub
    26 Founding Of The Party
    27 We Sing For The Future

    Musician Ð Alec Hill, Chris Thompson, Cornelius Cardew, Dave Smith, Emily Underwood, Evan Parker, Geoff Pearce, Hakim Adi, Hamilton DeGale, Horace Cardew, Hugh Shrapnel, Huw Warren, John Hewitt, John Marcangelo, John Tilbury, Keith Rowe, Maria Lamburn, Nick Connors, Penny Wright, Peter Devenport, Pip Pyle, Robert Coleridge, Shelia Kasabova, Victy Silva, Walter Cardew
    Musician, Producer Ð Laurie Baker

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