Audio Arts

VOLUME 1 NUMBER 1 (1974)

1. Caroline Tisdall: Ad Reinhardt's Auto Interview
Read by Jack Wendler.

2. Cyril Barrett: Art and Philosophy
Interview by William Furlong

3. Extract from Art Language proceedings
Philip Pilkington Michael Baldwin, Dave Rushton, Chris Smith. (1973)

Accent for a Start (1987)

1. Accent for a Start

2. Canny

3. In Relation to What?

4. Uniform

5. Warm

6. Song for Edwina

7. It's About Time

8. Canny Place

9. Everything You Could Possibly Want

10. Friday Saturday Night

11. Buckets of Sand

12. Mint

LP released by Projects UK and Newcastle Media Workshops, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 1987

In addition to the Audio Arts regular cassette series, William Furlong published several records, starting with 1984's Orchard Gallery LP and The Difference/Head Low 7" single, 1987. The 1987 Accent for a Start LP is a little different from other Audio Arts cassettes of mostly contemporary artists' interviews and performances. Here, Furlong and Michael Archer use street interviews with Newcastle upon Tyne passersby to create short, Dada-ist sound collages from chopped up voices, drum machine and various loops (from library records, presumably), not unlike some Nurse With Wound's sound collages. Accent for a Start is rather ironical, contemptuous even, but is just hilarious if you happen not to live in Newcastle, on the great divide between North and South Britain, where the accent is strong. Prejudices of a Londonite, maybe, but great fun. The NE' tag on the cover indeed refers to the far away North East. The track Song for Edwina is also a peerless New Wave anthem. William Furlong's Audio Arts project was featured in the Linz Lentos Kunstmuseum exhibition See This Sound (Promises in Sound and Vision), August 28, 2009 to January 10, 2010, Austria. Visit the official website at

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