AGP136 - Charles Chaynes (1925-) | Instrumental Music (1966-79)

  1. Organ Concerto [26:35] [MP3]

  2. Piano Concerto [20:38] [MP3]

  3. Visions Concertantes [18:02] [MP3]

  4. Organ Concerto [26:35] [FLAC]

  5. Piano Concerto [20:38] [FLAC]

  6. Visions Concertantes [18:02] [FLAC]

  7. AGP 136 notes [TXT]

  8. LP liner notes [PDF]


AGP136 is the second of three featuring the music of Charles Chaynes, a French composer who held executive positions at France-Musique and Radio-France for much of his career, and so has produced a smaller body of work than he might have otherwise. This installment includes all of the instrumental music by Chaynes that I could find in my stacks. The first two tracks are the two earliest works by Chaynes listed in my edition of the Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. I don't find them as beguiling as his later works, but the last track is one of my favorites.

The LPs transcribed for this installment are both in excellent condition with little pressing noise. The installment includes a PDF file with scans of the liner notes from all four LPs included in this and the other two Chaynes installments.