AGP129 - US Electronic Music VIII | Dartmouth College Competition (1968-70)

  1. Olly Wilson, Cetus [9:20] [MP3]

  2. William Hellermann, Ariel [6:56] [MP3]

  3. Pril Smiley, Eclipse [8:01] [MP3]

  4. Peter Glushanok, In Memoriam for My Friend Henry Saia [10:31] [MP3]

  5. Peter Klausmeyer, Cambrian Sea [6:24] [MP3]

  6. Raymond Moore, Trip Through the Milky Way [6:05] [MP3]

  7. Josť Vicente Asuar, Divertimento [7:09] [MP3]

  8. Richard Allen Robinson, Ambience [6:28] [MP3]

  9. Olly Wilson, Cetus [9:20] [FLAC]

  10. William Hellermann, Ariel [6:56] [FLAC]

  11. Pril Smiley, Eclipse [8:01] [FLAC]

  12. Peter Glushanok, In Memoriam for My Friend Henry Saia [10:31] [FLAC]

  13. Peter Klausmeyer, Cambrian Sea [6:24] [FLAC]

  14. Raymond Moore, Trip Through the Milky Way [6:05] [FLAC]

  15. Josť Vicente Asuar, Divertimento [7:09] [FLAC]

  16. Richard Allen Robinson, Ambience [6:28] [FLAC]

  17. AGP 129 notes [TXT]

  18. LP liner notes [PDF]


AGP129 continues our series of electronic compositions from the USA with finalists and award winners from three years (1968-1970) of an electronic music contest sponsored by Dartmouth College. The judges for these contests included leading electroacoustic composers from the United States and Europe, and entrants were received from around the world. Twelve compositions from these contests were included in two LP releases on Turnabout Records. Three of the compositions (from Poland and Czechoslovakia) were featured in AGP38. One composition, by Jean-Claude Risset, is available on a CD of Risset's works that can be bought from The rest are included in this installment. Track 49 is by a Chilean composer, but I have no South American Electronic Music installments planned, so I included it even though there's no obvious US connection.

The LPs that were transcribed for this installment are in excellent condition, but the Turnabout pressings are not surprisingly on the noisy side. Fortunately, it is a constant light "hush" sound (like hiss but with a somewhat lower frequency range), rather than a more annoying variable "woosh-woosh" sound. But tracks like Ambience and Cambrian Sea that are intended to emerge from and return to silence instead emerge from and return to a pillow of light noise. The installment includes a PDF file with scans of the liner notes from the two LPs transcribed for this installment.