Yvonne Rainer b. 1940
Five Easy Pieces (1966-69)
Duration: 53 minutes

A compilation of five early short films made between 1966 to 1969.

Hand Movie 1966, 5:00, b&w, silent, 8mm

Close-up of a hand, the fingers of which enact a sensuous dance. Camerawork by William Davis.

Volleyball (Foot Film) 1967, 10:00 b&w, silent, 16mm

A volleyball is rolled into the frame and comes to rest. Two legs in sneakers, seen from the knees down, enter the frame and stand beside it. Cut to new angle, same characters and actions. Camerawork by Bud Wirtschafter.

Rhode Island Red 1968, 10:00, b&w, silent, 16mm

Ten minutes in an enormous chicken coop. Camerawork by Roy Levin.

Trio Film 1968, 13:00, b&w, silent, 16mm

Two nudes, a man and a woman, interact with each other and a large balloon in a white living room. Performed by Steve Paxton and Becky Arnold. Camerawork by Phill Niblock.

Line 1969, 10:00, b&w, silent, 16mm

A blond woman (Susan Marshall) in white pants and shirt interacts with a moving round object and the camera. Camerawork by Phill Niblock.