Nam June Paik 1932-2006
Lake Placid '80 (1980)
1980, 3:49 min, color, sound

Paik produced this exuberant, high-speed collage as a commission for the National Fine Arts Committee of the 1980 Olympic Winter Games. In a fractured explosion of densely layered movement and action, images of Olympic sports events are mixed with Paik's recurring visual and audio motifs: the dancers from Global Groove, Allen Ginsberg, the song Devil With a Blue Dress On. Ski jumpers, skaters and hockey players are re-edited, fragmented, colorized, accelerated and transformed, colliding on the screen in a frenzy of synthesized energy. Movements, time-frames and images shift in seemingly random, often ironic juxtapositions. The hyperbolic pace and rhythm of this energetic "music video" ends with Paik's computer-graphic version of the Olympic logo superimposed over a chanting Allen Ginsberg.

Computer Graphics: Judson Rosebush, Dan Sandin, Phil Morton, Tom DeFanti. Commissioned by the National Fine Arts Committee of the 1980 Olympic Winter Games. -- EAI

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