Pat McElnea b. 1981
Living Room (2008)
Duration: 14:00 min

Living Room explores how an artwork’s internal life changes once it is purchased and fully domesticated. Any effort to speak to this dilemma is also interiorized and made positive. Many selves with the same face attempt to reorganize the artist ego between studio and apartment. Aspects of a world ‘out there’ are unique possessions that come to represent the internal life of an artist buyer hybrid. The ambiguity of inanimate surfaces motivates his desire to become the wall; embodying taste fences off contact. The arbitrariness of painting and video against architectural design vernaculars is deployed as comedic interplay. Living Room is a conglomerate made of artwork, collector, furniture, home, neighborhood, and magazine; where displaced desires determine follow the logic of culture making through connoisseurship. In it, artworks have nowhere to live.
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